Andando nominated for WSA Mobile 2016

The World Summit Award Mobile (WSA-mobile) selects and promotes the world’s best mobile content and applications. The award emphasizes on :

  • cultural diversity and identity
  • the creation of varied information content
  • the digitalization of educational, scientific, and cultural heritage

Founded in 2010 as the sister to the World Summit Award, WSA-mobile aims to raise public awareness and recognition for the highest quality, most innovative e-Content produced worldwide and to make the best products accessible and meaningful around the world.

8 local projects are nominated in every participating country and this year, we are one of the 7 mobile platforms selected in Senegal. Andando has been nominated (in the Smart Settlements & Urbanization category) by Mobile4Senegal alongside  Jokko$anté,  MusikBi, Casa Tour, Weebi, Ettub wolof and SakanalApp.

Next step is the online submission before september 15th so that the international Grand Jury can study each platform, assess and test it before the final step that will take the 40 selected ones to Abu Dabi.

wsaThe winner’s benefits are, among others, an invitation to the Summit gala, the possibility to pitch in front of international experts, the prestigious award of course, but also opportunities to meet sponsors and partners, and a long term coverage in the WSA media outlets.

Obviously this is an opportunity that we won’t be missing. It would be the perfect boost for andando  to get to a whole new level !