This Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities (“Declaration”, “Terms”) is based on ANDANDO principles and governs our relationship with users and individuals who interact with ANDANDO. Your use of the ANDANDO application indicates your acceptance of this Declaration, which may be updated as it evolves or changes to the relevant legislation. ANDANDO assumes no responsibility for any accident that occurs during the travel of its registered members. He can not be prosecuted for damages or prejudice suffered by a user of ANDANDO. ANDANDO also disclaims any liability in the event of a conflict, theft, aggression, refusal to pay the fair of transport during travel of the application’s uses; However, ANDANDO may collaborate with a user complainant for all relevant information relating to the accused of any offense.

Registration and account security 
The users of ANDANDO give real information about them, and we ask you to help us to make sure that this does not change. These are some of the conditions that you agree to respect for registration and for your safety.

  1. You will not provide false personal information and will not provide it to another person without his / her authorization.
  2. You will not use ANDANDO if you are under the age of 16.
  3. You will not use ANDANDO if you have been convicted of sexual violence.
  4. You will put your exact coordinates and references, up to date.
  5. You will not give your password (or, in the case of developers, your secret key), do not allow anyone to access your account or do anything that could compromise the security of your account.
  6. You will not transfer your account without first obtaining written permission from us.
  7. If you select a username or similar identifier for your account, we reserve the right to remove it if we deem it inappropriate.

Mobile and other devices 

  1. We currently offer free mobile services. However, the rates charged by your operator, such as sending text messages and data, are your responsibility.
  2. If you change your mobile phone number or disable your mobile phone account, you will update your account on ANDANDO within 48 hours to ensure that the messages intended to you are not sent to the person to whom your old phone number would be assigned.
  3. You give your consent and all rights that users need to synchronize (including via an application) on their device the information they have access to on ANDANDO.

ANDANDO is free and does not ask for any amount to sign up and does not draw any percentage to the profit earned by the carpoolers. However, the drivers are free to fix their prices which can not exceed the usual normal transport price for the same distance.

You will bring any complaint (“complaint”) relating to this Declaration exclusively before the Regional Court of Dakar, and you agree to respect the jurisdiction of these courts in such actions. Senegalese law (in particular the Code of Civil and Commercial Obligations and the Penal Code) is the right applied to this Declaration, as well as any action between you and us, regardless of the principles of conflict of laws. All rights reserved.